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Just like our Rowdy Fan cocktail recipes, there are 2 parts to the Rowdy Fan story.

First we'll take you back to 2001, yep grab out the calculator and crunch those numbers - how old were you in 2001? I was 10 years old and my Granny and my late Grandpa had just returned back from a holiday to Europe. On their arrival home to Australia they brought my siblings, cousin and I a few presents (score). One of these gifts was a fan from Firenze, aka Florence.

At the time I did use my fan but I didn't appreciate it's true worth, until some years later when I began clocking up k's on the pedometer in the festival and nightclub scene. Because let's face it, when you're dancing your heart out it's hard not to break a sweat. If that aircon isn't up to scratch I think you'll agree you need a hand to cool down. 

The nickname Rowdy (pronounced row-dee) doesn't really need an explanation, if you need one you can find me at many of the dancefloors across Melbourne, just look for the rowdiest blonde you can find and don't be shy, come up and say g'day.


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